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Here are out custom Soundbanks.  You can make your own soundbannks with the Soundbank Editor.

Filename Size Description
Simpsons 882 KB Homer Simpsons Soundbank.
Toonz 694 KB Toons Soundbank.
Cybrid 971 KB No Discription.
Tom 2.54 MB No Discription.
Wassup 572 KB No Discription.
Torietc 1.58 MB No Discription. 2.9Mb Jim Carrey Sound Bank. 1Mb Modeled after that very popular comical serious. 1Mb Ace Ventura Sound Bank 1Mb Another Ace Ventura Sound Bank. 814Kb Adam Sandler Soundbank. 1.75Mb A terrorist soundbank from the movie Air Force One. 1.24Mb Aliens, the movie, now in Worms 2. Sounds great! 3.01Mb Lots of sounds from Disney's Alladin. 3.18Mb Taken from the ANIMAL game featuring PEPERAMI 3.09Mb Sounds taken from a DragonBall Z soundbank and the Sailor Moon soundbank 1Mb Another one of those South Park Sound Banks. 3Mb Army of Darkness, what a movie! Hear the Evil come alive and haunt your Worms with this Sound Bank. 713Kb A Sound Bank with sounds nabbed from the war movie, Apocalypse Now. 1Mb Yet another Borg-orientated Star Trek Worms Sound Bank. Resistance is futile. 3Mb Another Austin Powers Soundbank.
austin 1Mb Oh no, just what we didn't need, Austin Powers - the Sound Bank! Groovy, baby! 2.9Mb A rap Sound Bank with stuff taken from Wu-Tang and Redman 606Kb Babylon 5 is a Sci-Fi series, never seen it myself, but it's probably really good. 2.75Mb Samples taken from the author's two-year-old child. The cutest and funniest Sound Bank you'll ever hear. 1.2Mb One for the female Wormer, I guess. It has sounds from the two hit movies Clueless and BadGirls. 1Mb The funny duo of Beavis and Butthead are back in this Sound Bank. Huh huh. 311Kb The good ol' security guard, Barney, from Half-Life! 1.3 Mb A few interesting sounds from the movie Baseketball, by Matt Stone and Trey Parker. 2.2Mb A Sound Bank based on the original Batman movie. 1.59Mb This one's for all you Battle Dome freaks. 1.57Mb Beach Boys Soundbank! 1Mb ANOTHER Beavis and Butthead Sound Bank. 884Kb Various Beavis & Butthead Sounds 1012Kb A bunch of Belfast sayings from a real-life Belfast-guy. 3.11Mb A great soundbank for the killer in all of us 1.1 Mb Quote from the author: "Sounds from someone who's butt I kicked." 1Mb This Sound Bank contains sounds from two movies, "Better off Dead" and "A Fish Called Wanda". 2.0Mb A Japanese Sound Bank based on the anime "The Bubble Gum Crisis". 837 Kb Fat Abbot, Terrance and Phillip, and others! 1.11Mb A christmas elf with attitude 498Kb The Sound Samples in this were taken from a variety of other video games. 1.45Mb A Soundbank made using Sounds from Monolith's Popular game, Blood2 664Kb A Full soundbank with all voices originating from Monoltith's BLOOD 1.19Mb Blues Brothers, another great movie. 364Kb Samples are taken from three of Bottom's tours... the outrageously funny British comedy group. 3Mb This one is the Sound Bank that the author used.. I'm not overly sure about the content. 1Mb "Brave Heart" Soundbank. 1Mb A Sound Bank with samples taken from Bruce Campbell. 895Kb A Polish soundbank! 751Kb A Sound Bank centered around the movie/series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". 4.3Mb A Soundbank dedicated to Tom Green and 'the bum bum song'. 1Mb Beavis and Butthead with various samples from the show. 800 Kb SCi's Carmageddon hits Worms: Armageddon. 573Kb Forget the other kids from South Park, this one is strictly about Cartman. No other sounds, whatsoever. 1Mb This Sound Bank gets its samples from various Warner Brothers cartoons. 1.05Mb A soundbank from the classic Peter Sellers-Woody Allen spy spoof "Casino Royal." 1.1Mb Casper's first Sound Bank, more to come. Has no set theme. 4Mb The samples in this are taken from the RPG "Cosmic Fantasy 2". 2.44 Kb Sounds taken from the Game Warhammer40k Chaos Gate 886 Kb Chip Monk Speech, with 56 different sounds! 1.03Mb The annoyingly hilarious sound of Chris Rock's voice! 610 Kb Sounds from the movie, "Bride of Chucky" 1003Kb A Simpsons sound bank of really good quality. 892Kb The great movie, Clerks, in a Sound bank. Contains some swearing, so be warned. 509Kb Sounds taken from the Germans in the game, "Commandos"
coogan& 1Mb I'm not really sure what this is. If you know, download it and try it out! Be warned, it contains profanity. 934Kb A soundbank based on some bovine noises. 3.95Mb Yet another Zerg/Starcraft soundbank! 3Mb The movie that Brandon Lee was killed in, "The Crow". It was a great movie and this should be a great Sound Bank. 1.02Mb Do YOU need TP for you bonghole? 162Kb A Cyber City Oedo 808 (A Japanese Manga) Sound Bank. 1Mb The great cartoon show, Danger Mouse, comes to Worms 2. 2.3Mb Do not be tempted by the Dark Side, but don't forget to laugh at Darth Vader's funny hat! 920Kb A Dragon Ball GT sound bank, very original. 2.06Mb From the anime, Dragonball Z 2.26Mb A Dragonball Z and South Park Soundbank 2.4Mb A great little cartoon, now dexter hits the Worming World. Go on, check it out! 3.28 Mb DING! Possibly the most creative soundbank ever! 1.38Mb A Soundbank based on the cult-movie, Dogma. 733Kb Doom, Duke Nukem 3D and Worms... odd, but you may like it, so try it. 236Kb ID Software's Doom meets Worms 2.. I still haven't seen a Worms.wad, anyone want to make one for me? 664Kb A Dr.Evil soundbank... Mostly from Austin Powers 2. 800Kb A great DrWho Worms 2 Sound Bank. 700 Kb Duckman sound bank. Great rude sounds from the old cartoon. 1.45Mb Another Duke Nukem Soundbank! 554Kb Duke Nukem meets Worms in the ultimate Sound Bank, well, it should be good. 533Kb A Duke Nukem Sound Bank made for Worms:Reinforcements and was converted for Worms 2, by the author. 1Mb He wasn't around when Worms 1 first came out, and he's from another company, but EarthWorm Jim is a Worm, nonetheless. 4.7Mb To quote the author, "Time for the worms TRUE nature!" 716Kb A Soundbank composed of clips from the animated comedy Family Guy. 1.93Mb An excellent Chris Farley Sound Bank. 2.01 Mb The characteristics and sayings of Irish farmers. 1.18Mb A British show about a group of priests, living alone in a small part of Ireland. 5.1Mb Contains Samples taken from the soundtrack for the movie "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." 6.12Mb Based on the movie, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" 1Mb Samples taken from the drill instructor in "Full Metal Jacket". 1.71Mb Another Full Metal Jacket Soundbank 3.2Mb It's the Faith No More Soundbank! 1Mb This Sound Bank takes samples from 3 great, classic movies: Ghostbusters, Multiplicity, and Aliens. 1Mb Has samples from the Japanese Anime "Fist of the North Star". 3Mb A Sound Bank with samples taken from Acclaim's Forsaken. 2.6Mb A Sound Bank with sounds taken from the Oliver Stone movie, Freeway. 643Kb You know that series Friends? Well, guess what this is! Converted to Worms 2 format by Ralph 1Mb Just a weird, meaningless Sound Bank with swearing. 2.27Mb A Soundbank featuring some of the hottest French radio personalities. 2.69Mb Sounds from the fabulous new Fox cartoon! 73Kb Gangs waring... not many Sounds here, but it has a level and option set too. 0.97Mb Some rather geeky-sounding Worms! 916Kb Happy Gilmore - starring Adam Sandler! 1.96Mb Some Spanish Soundbank. (?) 460Kb Gumby, that green clay bugger, kicks some major butt. This Sound Bank probably does too. 1.04Mb A soundbank based on the TV show, Gundam Wing. 865Kb Sounds from the hilarious comedy, Half Baked. 709Kb For all those Worm-loving Israelites out there. 2.03Mb Another great movie.. This was an okay Sound Bank, I had a listen. 958Kb A hilarious Sound Bank with wonderful voices in it. All high-pitched, one or two 'naughty words' though =) 3.5Mb An assortment of different imperial voices. (Star Wars) 747Kb Sounds are taken from the game Incubation, for the PC. 4Mb Music and Lyrics from the band, Industrial. 481Kb Those cute little guys that sell droids, from Star Wars. This one has a cool jump sound. 3Mb The devious prank callers strike again! 522Kb Sound Samples from Stephen King's "The Shining". Eg, "Here's Johnny" 1Mb A Johnny Bravo Sound Bank, of good quality. Give this one a try if you like Johnny Bravo. 1.31Mb Sounds taken from the British Soccer/Football commentator Jonathon Pierce. 36.3Kb Not many sounds in here, but there's a level and some options to make up for it. 1Mb Another Simpsons Soundbank. 2.82Mb A collection of various male voice samples from kingpin on the pc. Be warned - excessive swearing. 1.71Mb Female samples from kingpin 1Mb KiX's turn at creating a Simpsons Sound Bank, not bad if I do say so myself. 756Kb KiX's second go at creating a Simpsons Sound Bank, sounds re-mixed, etc. 1.03 Mb "Herbert Knebels Affentheater" - a brilliant German comedy group! 593Kb Violent, French, over-drived voices - whatever that means! 4Mb Samples from Denis Leary's "No Cure for Cancer" and "Lock and Load" shows. Contains swear words. 3.4Mb Led Zeppelin, truly one of music's greatest. 2Mb I loved this movie, the Lion King was great. Well, I only watched it because my 2 year old niece was at the time, honest! 7.51Mb From the British hit, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. 1Mb The Looney Tunes, this is just what Worms needs - a cartoony game with a cartoony Sound Bank. 1Mb Oh no! It's MacGuyver! This guy would be good at Worms, he could make a Ninja Rope out of his shoelace. 1.34Mb A great-quality, Worms-sounding Soundbank. Very nicely done. 1Mb Just a bunch of mad samples... converted to Worms 2 format by Ralph. 2Mb Mallrats was a GREAT movie, if you haven't seen it, go see it now! A Mallrats, Chasing Amy and Clerks Sound Bank. 2.40Mb Welcome to the Matrix! 785Kb I could just picture a Worm piloting a Mechwarrior, that would be cool. 584Kb Everyone loves the band Metallica, and if you don't, you should. 689Kb The Men in Black. The Worms in Pink. 30Kb Shao Kahn, the big bad guy from Mortal Kombat, guess this one is just sound samples from him. 459Kb Kano, Johnny Cage and the rest all yelling at you! 740 Kb Updated Mortal Kombat sound bank from Added some new sounds and cleaned up quite a bit. 870Kb It's Monty Python again, there seems to be some things that people love to make Sound Banks out of. 1.1Mb Take a wild guess! Monty Python must be famous or something, hehe. 4.16Mb A different soundbank featuring other sounds from the hit game by Blizzard! 655 Kb The best Mortal Kombat soundbank out there! 1.7Mb MrBean, that crazy British comedian is back, this time in Worms! 1 Mb "A soundbank from Mystery Science Theater 3000. 7Mb Modeled after the movie, "Natural Born Killers". Probably has swearing, though I could be wrong. 2.02Mb Ninja Scroll sounds taken from Jubei, Dakuan, and a few Devils of Kemone 1.09Mb An amateur soundbank made for personal use. 2.82Mb A bunch of Sounds taken from the British band Oasis. 589Kb I believe these are some sounds that the author has made by himself... you might want to be worried. 2.3Mb A mighty cool Beavis & Butthead Bank 1.27Mb Listen to your worms complain and yell in a cranky old man voice. 637Kb A Worms:Reinforcements conversion for Star Wars. 483Kb Based on the movie, "A Clockwork Orange". 507 Kb A Warcraft II Orc Soundbank 510 Kb Another one of those Warcraft meets Worms soundbanks that we've come to know and love. 747Kb This soundbank is of Otis, the security guard from Half-life:Opposing Force! 1Mb This is a compilation of some of the other South Park Sound Banks.
p& 1.6Mb Pinky and the Brain! By far one of the best cartoons ever. 667Kb Postman Pat? No, of course not. It's just modeled after some guy named Pat, a friend of the author. 3.36Mb Sounds from the anime series 'Photon' 716Kb A Portuguese version of the Worms Speech sounds. Contains no profanity. 1.65Mb Not based on anything! Just miscellaneous Wav files. 1.54Mb It's the Powerpuff Girls! 2.78Mb Like the Protoss? Like Worms? The obvious next step. 4.24Mb Protoss sounds from Starcraft and Brood Wars. Entaro Adun! 1.06Mb It's the author's own voice in danish! 1.5Mb A Pulp Fiction Soundbank - great movie! 502Kb If you haven't seen the movie, then you can listen to the Sound Bank. My guess is that there's profanity. 497Kb A Worms:Reinforcements Monty Python's Flying Circus Sound Bank. 673Kb Quake, a great game by ID. Worms, a great game by Team17. That's the connection, they're both great games. 2.58Mb Features sounds from ID Software's Quake3: Arena. 503Kb If you like your Worms to be anti-terrorist operatives, you'll love this! 950Kb A random sound for every action. Interesting... 883Kb Mortal Kombat sounds, as well as some option and weapon sets. 1Mb A rappity-rap Sound Bank. This sounds interesting. 3.11Mb Finally an alternative to Rasta. Raise the roof and drop a donkey. 4.7Mb Modeled after the slightly-old, yet popular, game Red Alert. 2Mb Hear everyone arguing with the Hologram, it's lots of fun!
reddwarf-6& 470Kb Red Dwarf: A ship full of idiots, trying to get back to Earth. The show is funny, so is the Sound Bank. 1.31Mb This is a cool soundbank from oxide and neutrino's "bound for the reload"
Ren& 2.3Mb Whooo, Ren and Stimpy, again! Lots of sounds from everyone's favourite cartoon (sorta). 2.5Mb The "Ren and Stimpy are cool" phase was a great one, while it lasted. Anyway, here's a Ren&Stimpy Sound Bank 1.1Mb Samples from the movie, Reservoir Dogs. 8Mb A whole bunch of bands? Yep, that's what this is, a whole bunch of different bands. 1Mb This is a Romanian Sound Bank. 3Mb Personally, I don't like this cartoon, but it seems a lot of people do! Anyway, try the Sound Bank.
Sam& 580 Kb A much-loved game, a well-loved cartoon, Sam & Max 1.05Mb Another cool Sam n' Max Soundbank! 912Kk For fans of the Neo Geo 2D fighting game, Samurai Shodown
sandler.exe 2.3Mb Yay, another dedication to Adam Sandler, my favourite Comedian of all time. 4.14Mb For everyone who likes the personality of those cool StarCraft Terrans 703Kb This Sound Bank reminds me of Team17's April Fools Joke, wonder if that was an X-File. Converted from Worms:Reinforcements. 1Mb Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? Well, he's here, in this Sound bank. 940Kb Another Seinfeld Sound Bank made for Worms 2, obviously about the TV show, Seinfeld. 1.03Mb The series is now over, but check out this Sound Bank anyway. 1.7Mb Another Beavis and Butthead Sound Bank, contains some other sounds too. 1.04Mb For Street Fighter 3 fans, here's a soundbank of all the SF3 characters. 3.81Mb Collection of sounds from the five murderers and the Shadowman. 1.8Mb This is a soundbank from the original Richard Roundtree Shaft Movie. 1.1Mb Oh look, ANOTHER Simpsons Sound Bank - Yay! 1Mb Are you getting sick of Space Ghost yet? Obviously, there is a lot of people that aren't! 2Mb Silence of the Lambs... Lambs are Sheep, Sheep are in Worms! See, Worms relates to every aspect of life. 409Kb Supposedly, this Simpsons Sound Bank is really bad.. 1019Kb One of the few Simpsons Sound Banks floating around, Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie! 530 Kb Plenty of dirty mouthed worms at your command, here them say them, words your mothers hate. 268Kb How many South Park Sound Banks are there? 1.6Mb Another compilation of the best sounds from most of the SouthPark Sound Banks. 379Kb Download this one and hear the kids from South Park scream and sing their way through your matches. 1.02Mb A combination of South Park characters, mostly Cartman. 1Mb The all-famous Space Ghost, space-fighter turned talk-show host! 2Mb We're being jammed! I loved this movie when I was little.
spaceghost_siv1.exe 1Mb A self-extracting zip file that contains a Space Ghost Sound Bank. 1.46Mb A compilation of the first two Space Ghost sound schemes! 339Kb They killed Kenny! Those ba$tard$! 993Kb Star Trek: The Next Generation. A Next Generation Sound Bank for the Next Generation of Worms 1Mb Hear Spock and that Doctor guy argue! Hear Kirk Control the Enterprise! 1Mb A new game by Blizzard, what is it with Blizzard games and Worms? 3.37 Mb Terran voices from Starcraft 2.1Mb A Star Trek Soundbank - in German! 1Mb Yipe! Darth Vader and all the power of the Dark Side! Run for your lives! 1.16Mb Original quotes from the original trilogy! 1.68Mb Our favorite Star Wars characters battling it out Worms Armageddon style. 1Mb One of the many Star Wars Sound Banks available. 399Kb Renn and Stimpy? Wow! I haven't heard of them for a while.. 1Mb A Sound Bank with sounds from the WWF wrestler, "Stone Cold Steve Ausin". 3.9Mb A Sound Bank based on the band "Sublime". Be warned, it contains some profanity. 1.96Mb Email from Shodan: With the help my my soundbank, you will crush your enemies! 1Mb A Sound Bank and some options files with info from Quentin Tarantino, a great movie director. 985Kb One of my favourite movies of all time. One of the best too. Check out this Sound Bank. 552Kb A Terminator soundbank with other Arnie movie samples! 1.4Mb A brilliant Army of Darkness Sound Bank, try it now!
the 2Mb We are the Borg, you will be assoomiltooted. Well, a Sound Bank on The Borg, from Star Trek. 5Mb Has swearing, don't download if offended by that. A Sound Bank on "The Champ" - Whatever that is. 2.28Mb cool sounds from the movies and the TV show. 1.9 Mb "The best damn soundbank for the best damn champion." 4.10Mb Sneak in, steal the goods, and out before they know what hit 'em. 3.91 Mb Taken from the classic comedy, "Three Amigos!" 2.5 Mb Sounds from a demon, Lordaxe. 678Kb Some famous quotes taken from various TV shows and movies. 1.81Mb A Sound Bank with sounds from singer, Tori Amos. 748Kb Listen to Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the gang talking to you while you play. 804Kb Two spectacular games collide! Unreal Tournament and Worms - great combination! 796Kb Unreal Tournament Boss Voice. 1Mb As Adam Sandler (my idol) said, all 3 Stooges are Jewish. He said this in the Chanukah song, great song, great Sound Bank. 574Kb This was a scary man, I had nightmares about Mr T., when I was a child. 728Kb "Dead or Alive, you're coming with me." - I choose dead! 563Kb A great animated-adventure game brought to a great animated-action game! 35.4Kb This Sound Bank contains sounds taken from Tom Servo of MST3K. 1Mb Monty Python's Holy Grail.. a nice Grenade-throw sound. Made by me.
w2python.exe 1.15Mb Just another one of those "Monty Python meets Worms" combinations. 239Kb All the characters of that beloved TV show, Rugrats, come to life in this Sound Bank. Made by me 731Kb Sounds taken from the game Shadow Warrior, mostly from Lo Wang. 490Kb Warcraft 2, a great game... now your Worms sound like Orcs.. is that a good thing? 2.91Mb A soundbank made from Warcraft 2 Edition. 420Kb Hear your Worms scream "zug zug" and "ooktar" - Lots of fun! 1.07Mb Sounds taken from various WarnerBros cartoons (Pinky&Brain, Animaniacs, etc.) 559Kb A nice little soundbank with sounds from Budweiser's Wassup-guys 711 Kb Yet another South Park SoundBank - but the author claims he didn't know there were others. 1.7Mb Yet another Sound Bank from Gorbad, this time on WaynesWorld. I'm assuming the samples are only from the movie and not from their SNL skits. 573Kb Yet another Warcraft meets Worms combination. Based on Warcraft 2 and the expansion set. 940Kb An attempt at sounding like a voice-over for action-movie previews 3Mb Hear Kenny, Cartmam, Kyle and Stan swear and tell off you and your opponent! 2.65Mb Chewbacca is a Wookie.. Hey, what's with all the Star Wars/Worms combinations? 471Kb The infamous 'duckjob' hacked up into a soundbank. 1.6Mb A mixture of Worms 2 Default Sounds and New "Wormy" sounds. 1.74Mb Quite a funny Sound Bank, I give this 9/10 for quality. 1.7Mb Wrestling Soundbank. 740 Kb A South Park soundbank dedicated to the underwear stealing gnomes!
wwf 2.79Mb WWF sounds from all of the best superstars.
wwf_& 1.73Mb The two biggest Wrestling groups in North America. 759Kb A good X-Files Sound Bank with samples taken from various characters on the show. 1.47Mb A Star Wars Sound Bank that is centered around Yoda, that cute little Light Side guy. 3.26Mb Now even the worms are infested! Use these Zerg sounds to terrorize your opponent.

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