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Here are all the custom Fanfares that we have so far.  

To install the fanfares:  
After you have downloaded the file, unzip it into the 'User" -> 'Fanfare' Folder.

Filename Size Description
20th_cen.wav 135KB The classic 20th Century-Fox fanfare
Fanfare 1 1.11 MB N/a
Fanfare 2 1.57 MB N/a
Fanfare 3 0.84 MB N/a
Fanfare 4 0.76 MB N/a
3stooges.wav 269KB The 3 Stooges theme, to go with your 3 Stooges soundbank
a303.wav 1.3 Mb One of ten Fatboy Slim clips.
af1anthem.wav 212KB An Air Force One fanfare
ateam.wav 752KB Theme from the 1980s US TV series "The A-Team"
awrmtune.wav 287 Kb A "kewl" Worms tune!
beautiful-disaster.wav 123 Kb A small clip from 311's "Beautiful Disaster"
Blaireauteam.wav 505KB A fanfare for the French - BlaireauTeam player
BuildItUp.wav 1.2 Mb One of ten Fatboy Slim clips.
Burp.wav 100 Kb Some burps to taunt your opponent
chefsong.wav 194 Kb A couple of seconds from the beginning of "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls".
crabtree.wav 87 Kb It's the Southpark bus-driver!
crap.wav 55 Kb Cartman describing how frightented he is.
Daleks.wav 423 Kb The Dr. Who theme with a Dalek voice over it.
dj.wav 257 Kb A joke told in Swedish
elmo.wav 138 Kb Byebye Elmo! (Profanity)
FF7.wav 966KB The battle victory from Final Fantasy 7
fitinass.wav 104 Kb m80
floyd2.wav 117 Kb Taken from Pink Floyd's, "The Wall"
french8.wav 32.7 Kb "I Fart In Your General Direction"
FunTeam.wav 123KB Designed to please French people who know of Fun Radio
genral4.wav 35 Kb Shouting Guy
george-ans-machine.wav 471 Kb From Seinfeld, George's answering machine!
GodSaveTheQueen.wav 700 Kb The British National Anthem.
GoingOutOfMyHead.wav 1.2 Mb One of ten Fatboy Slim clips.
hamster.wav 105 Kb Some Hamsters singing (From Disney's Robin Hood?)
homergay.wav 30.5KB Homer Simpson saying "You are gay"
imperial.wav 90 Kb The Imperial March, from Star Wars!
inbattle.wav 401 Kb In Battle's "The Destroyer of Souls" clip.
itchythm.wav 114 Kb Itchy and Scratchy, fight fight fight!
kornautho.wav 116 Kb A clip from the korn song "Children of the korn"
kornhot.wav 62 Kb KoRn all in da family clip. Fred dust sining.
kornhanson.wav 124 Kb All in the family clip. Jonathan Davis singing.
kornknees.wav 112 Kb All in the family clip. Johnathan on the vocals.
kornhowto.wav 142 Kb Ice Cube singing, clip from children of the korn.
krankor.wav 107 Kb Krankor Taunts the enemy with his strange laugh.
lava.wav 221 Kb chef sing a song
Lindy.wav 1.3 Mb One of ten Fatboy Slim clips.
Master.wav 120 Kb Part of the refrain in Master of the Wind
MichaelJackson.wav 1 Mb One of ten Fatboy Slim clips.
Milwaukee.wav 1.7 Mb One of ten Fatboy Slim clips.
MissionImpossible.wav 971 Kb The start of the Mission Impossible Theme Song.
Music.wav 619 Kb Some sorta funky music that everyone will love.
muuuuuh.wav 123 Kb A true Mad Cow!
Neima.wav 120 Kb It's the Neima fanfare!
OldMan.wav 265 Kb Cartman and Stan's Grandpa in conversation.
Punk.wav 1.3 Mb One of ten Fatboy Slim clips.
rbf.wav 162 Kb A Reel Big Fish fanfare.
reverse.wav 199 Kb A Weird Al song with a secret message when played in reverse.
sandler.wav 19 Kb Anyone remember, "You know something? YOU SUCK!"?
Sheepgotoheavenshort.wav 311 Kb A sample from the Cake song, "Sheep go to Heaven"
silly.wav 108 Kb A short, merry little tune.
Skank.wav 1.3 Mb One of ten Fatboy Slim clips.
Skank1.wav 1.1 Mb One of ten Fatboy Slim clips.
SoulSurfing.wav 1.14 Mb One of ten Fatboy Slim clips.
spoon1.wav 25.7 Kb A nifty clip of The Tick yelling "Spoon!", with a small "ta-da!" at the end.
spoon3.wav 19 Kb A "The Tick" fanfare, where he screams, 'spoon'.
simpsons.wav 21.5 Kb The merry sounds of Homer screaming, "Woohooo! In your face!"
southparkintro.wav 285 Kb The inro music from South Park.
suckedass.wav 52.2KB
Term7.wav 829KB A moderately long victory war song
thegnomes.wav 354 Kb The underwear gnomes from South Park
theshining.wav 16 Kb The Shining - "Here's Johnny!"
toilet.wav 120 Kb flush yourself down the toilet!
tombstone.wav 120 Kb A theme based in Tombstone, Arizona, 1881
Train.wav 321 Kb A train? No, someone breathing into a mic.
trustme.wav 482KB A clip from the song trust me, by Break Beat Arena.

Some files we linked from Wormtopia.








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