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New Update
We updated the page's menu section so that there is a whole downloads section.  We will have files in each of the sections soon.  If you have any custom files for Worms World Party, you can send them to us.

There is exclusive cheats in the Cheats Section.  These are cheats that can't be found anywhere else as of today.  If you need help on how to use the cheats please e-mail us.

While everyone is waiting for Wormsnet to be reopened, we will update you with all the newest information on when you can go online and play.
[posted by
Heineken, 05-06-2001, 12:18 AM]

Worms World Party Release
If you did not pre-order your copy of Worms World Party, visit here to pre-order now.  The game will be released May 21, 2001.  Also, a demo of the game will be available soon, for those that want to try it before buying the game.
[posted by
Heineken, 05-03-2001, 9:09 PM]

Major Update
There is a major update on the page.  Most sections are finished.  There are a few sections that need some more work, but other than that everything else is there.
[posted by
Heineken, 05-02-2001, 8:18 PM]

All Sections Uploaded
We uploaded all of the sections.  While there is still nothing in the sections, the actual pages are there.  More will be coming soon in a few days.  Page should be finished soon.
[posted by
Heineken, 05-02-2001, 6:21 PM]

Page Almost Done!
We have finished the layout of the page.  The sections are now being created.  The page will be up within a week or two so check back soon.
[posted by
Heineken, 05-01-2001, 5:40 PM]






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